Arts & Humanities Council of East Texas -                           "Together We Can Do the Extraordinary"
                               About Us
The Arts & Humanities Council of East Texas (AHCET) was founded in 2009 by native Tylerite Debbie Kirkland-Waffer.  After a successful career in Broadcasting and Public Relations, Mrs. Waffer wanted to give back to community and do her part in helping some of the underpriviledged,  economically disadvantaged youth in the area.
"It is our hope that with the various Arts programs AHCET provides, these children will be educated, enriched and encouraged.  We hope to assist in building up their self-esteem, confidence, and also provide a wealth of exciting diverse arts projects to keep them occupied during some of their out of school hours," says Mrs. Waffer. 
It's been said that "All youth are potentially vulnerable and at-risk.  Young people face a range of challenges to their personal safety and growth towards becoming well-adjusted human beings, who are confident and able to contribute constructively in society."
Through programs such as "After School is Cool," AHCET welcomes the opportunity to make positive contributions to the Tyler/East Texas area.  If you would like to extend your financial support, please do so by clicking on the Donate button or mail your donations to:
                                  Arts & Humanities Council of East Texas or AHCET
                                 5380 Old Bullard Rd. 
                           No. 600-248
                           Tyler, TX 75703

Thank you for your kindness!

Debbie Kirkland-Waffer