Arts & Humanities Council of East Texas -                           "Together We Can Do the Extraordinary"

      October is Arts & Humanities Month...

            The Arts & Humanities Council of East Texas
            recognizes the the month by celebrating art,
            culture and diversity with a yearly Multi-Cultural 
            Arts Fest.  It's the first Saturday in October...the 
            4th this year and oh my, IT WAS WONDERFUL!  

            Thanks to the Ed & Mary Heath Foundation and 
            the Texas Commission on the Arts for their 
            support.   The fest included performances at 
            Liberty Hall Theater in downtown Tyler...with 
            storytelling and 'drums of Mali'  featuring Baba 
            Kwasi and friends!             



                    The importance of ART!

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National Arts & Humanities Month PSA
Take a moment during National Arts and Humanities Month to:- Participate Locally- Take Action- Be