Arts & Humanities Council of East Texas -                           "Together We Can Do the Extraordinary"
    East Texas Hall of Fame Museum
        Cultural Arts Complex
          “Tourism and Neighborhoods are the basic building blocks
                           of a successful city.”
The vision behind the East Texas Hall of Fame and Cultural Arts Complex is to achieve a critical mass of good influences by addressing many things at the same time:
  • Arts education – building the capacity for a lifetime of success
  • Youth development programs – turning an impressionable youth into a healthy, responsible motivated adult
  • Last, but not least, recognize and honor the contributions of those from the East Texas area that have had world recognition for outstanding achievement
AHCET will do this by:
  • Recognizing community involvement as the principal focus
  • Being a complex organization, addressing human and community development at the same time in the same place
  • Collaborating with other agencies
The aim of the AHCETs efforts in doing this project, we’re focusing on embracing integrity, hope, compassion and diversity to strengthen individuals, help build up communities, attract tourism—consequently, strengthening the City of Tyler.
One of the Museum’s many functions is recognizing and honoring the contributions of those from the area that have had national or worldly recognition for outstanding achievement; their endeavors stand out among contemporaries as being avant-garde, unparalleled, unprecedented and transcendent.  Induction into this prestigious Hall is based on “history making achievements.”
In addition to inducting notables of merit, pioneers, and famous people into the East Texas Hall of Fame Museum, the Hall will also award local stand outs.  Winners of these awards are not technically Hall of Famers, but they are recognized as having reached the pinnacle of their profession; or they have performed a lasting achievement of at least a regional impact.
Ways to drum-up revenue:
  • Individual sponsors
  • Visitations from regional and local residents
  • Annual events drawing tourism
  • Lease space in the facility for :
                        Meeting rooms
                        Visual Art Studio
                        Dance Studio
                        Performance Hall that would be transformed into lease  
                        space for various gala events
   Please join us in making this BIG Texas size dream...a reality!
                           (A project of the Arts & Humanities Council of East Texas)